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When Trust Becomes a Concern

When Trust Becomes a Concern  Betrayal of any sort as well as not getting along with some people can create trust issues for many. A thinking error developed in this process could lead to believing that giving 100% in any relationship could make one lose that very relation. Although it’s a given fact that with the passage of time, things change, people change and every situation demands a different role from a person. However, when a person develops concerns in trusting others, it means he or she is still being a victim of the past. And being a victim can make a person react emotionally and impulsively leading to destructive decisions. Giving one’s best always or giving too much can leave people in a confused state, feeling guilty or regretful. The boundary gets crossed without realizing  that they themselves gave that space to others in the first place. This leaves very little capacity for a person to determine their own actions and ends up blaming others for not go
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Its Valentines and most people are all over social media posting and showing their perfectly imperfect relationships. Yes perfectly imperfect. Lets agree  -  life is flawed and flaws are beautiful. Hence perfectly imperfect. While most of the videos and posts are going to be about how you can make your day the best with your partner.. I am here with those who are feeling low, sad or disconnected with this day – the so called “day” of love. It absolutely fine to not have a romantic partner - could be due to a recent break up, may be you haven’t found your ideal partner or trust in people seems so difficult. There is some good news. There is no need to run away from your browsing just for the sake of ignoring the lovey dovey red coloured posts. Instead, embrace it cuz a day for you will also come where in you would feel to do such things for your significant other. However, for now, why run away, let that significant other be you  - the more you can sow love for yourself,

Counselling: A Boon

Have you ever said ‘Don’t worry everything will be fine’ to someone you care about? Do you say that often to the people who you feel bad for when they go through pain, confusion, accusation? Then you are not helping them. This won’t make them fine. This won’t make them feel any better. They need someone to share their concern with. Did you just tell yourself that you do listen to their story? Then you are not helping them. This won’t make them fine. This won’t make them feel any better. They need someone to understand what they are going through? Did you just tell yourself; you try to understand? Look, it’s defined that when someone is going through an emotional turmoil they are not in state or even expectation to believe that someone would even get them the way they feel. Its easy to hear someone cry out, it’s easy to tell them to have faith, its easy to say let go. For whom? Its easy for us. We are pacifying them but we can’t feel their feelings. Is that

Value Yourself To Be Found

How often do you keep drifting away from your own people because there’s this one person who rules your entire system. How often do you get walked on by people who don’t really matter? How often their opinions start to collect and play on you. How often do you start to lose friends when they say that ‘you are not same anymore or how many times do you want us to call you or be after you to be a part of something.’ So, you might as well just accept that you are the cause, you are the pain and you are the suffering for others’ discomfort. But, the reality is very different from what you assume & follow. The reality is just what it reflects in the image above. You really want people to find the lost soul in you, you want that care to be able to overcome that, that holds you back. Your behaviour speaks differently and that is the evidence, the cue that you give to yourself consciously and to others subconsciously. So, the external support that you want starts to dim

Listen, Inquire, And Respond: 3 Steps For Better Life Management

Listen, Inquire, And Respond: 3 Steps For Better Life Management This post is about a lot of things. When we say life management, what does this word ‘life’ include? It includes all are systems – at micro level as well as macro level and even beyond. From our ‘self’ to our relationships to our extended contacts. Our life management is a totally internal concept and all that, that comes from the external environment are the different cues, which we allow in our lives and when we do that, they can have a positive or negative effect on us. This effect is quite controllable in reality but we human beings believe the unreal realistically and ignore the real unrealistically – I will leave this sentence for you to contemplate. Let’s take an example; Suzy was trying to tell Aron to make it a habit to keep his things in place. However, as always Aron felt a little careless in doing so. Although he knew it’s not good to create a mess around but he was habitual to not bother or ponder

Google Hacked? 7 Ways To Un-Hack Your Life

Google! Sounds synonymous to life these days... Isn’t it? Well, life has become mechanical. People are getting busier each day amidst this  rat race of  earning money, finding comfort and luxuries. The purpose of life seems so deflated than what  life should really be. If you agree with me, then you know what will I be talking about.  The idea is to grasp the pace, this quick pace; the 24*7 cycle is running. With trending social media, gadgets, entertainment, and even edutainment, everything has  turned its way to mechanics and technicalities. How about emotions, feelings and thoughts?  People prefer taking down quotes online, finding validations towards their feelings, and  emoting that through media again. How much are we willing to take time and sit with our  close ones to discuss the variety of 'affective' states we  humans encounter each second,  subliminally accepted? Not that Google is the culprit, not that the usefulness of handy internet services c